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Working together for a brighter future

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I turn on the car and let go of the steering wheel.
I speed up and open the last beer I have left.
I take out the cellphone without looking at the road.
How good does it feels to have a drink, texting without putting on the seatbelt, how good is life, if you play with it, it doesn’t matter…
(song stop suddenly, and we hear the sound of a car crashing)…

I am Kany Garcia and this song ends with your family crying.

Road safety campaign (behind the scenes)

The last trip

If you like texting while you’re driving, go ahead! And don’t forget the emojis. If the seatbelt bothers you, don’t buckle-up, forget it! If you like pressing hard on the gas, go ahead, do it! Anyway, if something happens to you, I’ll give you a ride.